Fond of classic puzzles but tired of so many separate single puzzle games ?


Fond of classic puzzles but tired of so many separate single puzzle games? 

Box Puzzle Games and Sudoku is a collection of addictive logic puzzles, including Escape, Connect, Sudoku, Number link, and Plumber. More free games are on their way to your puzzle kingdom!
If you are a fan of classic logic puzzles, Puzzle Box will be the best one stroke. Come and challenge the puzzle flow free.

Currently these logic puzzles have been collected in Puzzle Box. We promise, one line one stroke.

※ Connect ※

Connect dots with same color to create a Flow at free time. When you draw one line, please make sure not to weave the line into another and all spaces on the board be filled. You have a limited number of tries.

※ Escape ※
Escape is a famous game called Chinese Sliding-Block. Move the orange block to find the exit and escape from the room. This game burns brain and tests your observation skills.

※ Plumber ※
Plumber also called Pipes. Simply turn the different pipe pieces by touching them and connect all of them to make the flows work free (that's the work of a plumber!)

※ Sudoku ※
Classic Sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you’d like to relax or keep your mind active, pass time in a pleasant way!

※ Number Link ※
Number Link is a classic free Japanese puzzle also known as Lines or Arukone. Connect the pairs of numbers without leaving any empty square on the board.

※ More puzzles are coming soon ※
Thousands of new levels are under designing and more logic puzzles will be added in.

Why Box Puzzle Games and Sudoku ?

>>>One-Stop Puzzle Games
Tired of searching? Too many downloads? Upgrade all the time? Out of storage? Dozens of games need to handle? Now you have the solution: Box Puzzle Games and Sudoku! Get all classic puzzles in a single download!

>>>Over 5 mini casual games and many fun levels
Over 5 logic puzzles and many levels are collected. Increased difficulty among levels for your challenge. Don’t underestimated these brain teasers!

>>>Simple but exquisite UI
Minimalism graphics style is perfectly inherited by classical puzzles, and all
the details have been optimized.

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Box Puzzle Games and Sudoku by Goodfox games.

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