The left pedal is the brake, which will slow the car down, and the right pedal is the accelerator, which will move the car forward.

These controls take on additional functionality when the car is airborne.

  • Pressing the accelerator in the air will cause the nose of your car to lift and pivot on the central axis, potentially allowing you to backflip.

  • Pressing the brake in the air will cause the rear of the car to rise and pivot on the central axis, potentially allowing you to frontflip

Left and right pedals

The top menu bar is composed with three buttons :

  • Skip button : if you are stuck in a level and you don't want to restart this one again, then you can skip a new level will be loaded, and you will start it from the beginning.

  • Restart button : it will restart the current level you are playing from the beginning. It can be very useful if you went upside down !

  • Pause button : you can have a little break and keep playing later, or you can use this button to come back to the main menu !



If you press the boost button, this will allow you to gain a small acceleration boost during a certain amount of time !

Once it is finished, you can use it again. It will decrease your remaining boosters by one.​

You can check the number of boosters that you have just next to the boost button.


How to get more boosters ?

There are several ways to gain some boosters in the game

  • You can play the distance mode

  • You can buy boosters with your coins in the garage

  • You can watch a rewarded ad at the end of a level



Coins are the primary currency in Monster Truck Hero. They are used for purchasing vehicles, vehicle upgrades, boosters, purchasing a ticket for distance mode, and unlocking new levels.

Coins can be purchased with real money or earned in-game playing normal mode.

When you collect a diamond item, you are rewarded 30 coins.

When you collect a coin item playing the game, you are rewarded with 10 coins.

Check the shop to see best offers for coins !

Coins and diamonds

Normal mode

You can use the start button to start playing a new game.

Normal mode

Then, you will be asked to choose the level that you want to play, you can use your coins to unlock new levels (simply click on it), or play a level that you already unlocked.


Distance mode

You can buy a ticket to play the distance mode from the main menu. The cost is 200 coins.

Distance mode

In the distance mode, the goal is to go as far as you can. The level will end only when you go upside down.

In this mode, you can not collect coins in the level, but you can collect boosters !

You can check your current score and your best score in the corner of the screen.

Quick tip : try to beat your friends and check online leaderboards !

Distance scores

Garage - tuning

You can access the garage via the main menu.


Below is a list of all the available vehicles of Monster Truck Hero with some details to those.


Monster Truck 1




Monster Truck 2




Monster Truck 3




Monster Truck 4




Monster Truck 5




Monster Truck 6




Monster Truck 7




Monster Truck 8




Monster Truck 9




Monster Truck 10




Quick tip : you can temporarly unlock a vehicle with a rewarded ads. And even if you upgrade some parts of the vehicle and unlock it later, it will be saved !

Every vehicle has 4 separate features that can be upgraded to increase their performance. You also can buy boosters for each of your vehicle.


Each features can be leveled-up from level one to level 20.

  • Motor : More speed

  • Tires : Improved grip for better traction and power delivery to the ground

  • Suspension : Improved air controls makes handling the vehicle a lot easier and faster in jumps

  • 4x4 : Improvement for faster acceleration and motor torque

  • Boost x 10 : add 10 boosters for this vehicule



You can access the store via the main menu.


The game's store allows you to purchase coins. Note that any purchase that you make in the game will remove all ads of the game instantly.



Quick tip : You can also watch a rewarded ad to get 150 from the store.